Details Related To Wedding Planning

Wedding Budgets, Time Constraints, And Other Details Related To Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is fun – but wedding planning is a serious matter. Let’s face it, weddings are stressful! From the moment you begin seriously contemplating the hundreds of details related to that big day to thoughts about the expenses and the people involved, or not involved in the process, you are likely to feel overwhelmed.

This is true when it comes to any major ‘project’ in life. But you don’t have to be overly stressed. Take a moment to breathe deeply and relax – then begin planning your wedding.

The Two Priorities Of Wedding Planning

Taking things one at a time is the best way to deal with planning a wedding. From start to finish, planning will help you keep things organized and flowing smoothly. The wedding planning process can really be a fun experience…

Two of the first things you need to determine are your time constraints and your budget. The longer you have to plan, the easier it can be – however, if you are a procrastinator, do not let time slip away!

Wedding Planning Based On Time & Money

Even if you have 6 months or a year to plan your wedding, there are lots of things to decide and details to work out. Don’t waste time; begin planning your wedding as soon as possible.

Knowing your wedding budget will give you a guide for making all the important decisions related to your wedding. Make a list of the major expenses you expect to incur. Then decide what percentage of your overall budget you want to reserve for each of those. For example, if your wedding dress is your top priority then you will definitely want to reserve a nice percentage of your budget for that particular expense.

After you break things down in this way you can more easily determine how and where to spend your money. And this will help you make all the decisions related to your wedding planning easier.Planning Your Wedding On A Budget

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Choosing Your Wedding Dress & Wedding Hairstyle

Choosing Your Wedding Dress & Wedding Hairstyle

Every bride wants to be beautiful on her wedding day – and that makes choosing your wedding dress & wedding hairstyle huge decisions. When you begin shopping for a wedding dress you may be overwhelmed by the great variety of styles and designs available. Many brides find it helpful to browse bridal magazines to find the wedding dress look that matches their styles and preferences.

This can help streamline the process of shopping for and choosing your wedding dress. And believe it or not, shopping for your dress online may be the easiest and most economical way of getting the dress of your dreams.

Coordination Is Important When Choosing Your Wedding Dress & Wedding Hairstyle

Keep in mind that your wedding hairstyle should complement your wedding dress. In other words, some wedding dresses look gorgeous with an up-do that will show off the neckline of the dress.

When you shop for your wedding dress you will likely be able to decide the type of hairstyle that will look best with it. But also keep in mind that wedding veils and headpieces can also make a difference in which hairstyle will be best.

Be Open-Minded When Shopping For & Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Shopping for and choosing your wedding dress can be lots of fun. Just be prepared to take your time and you will find the ‘right’ dress for you. Viewing images online and in wedding magazines will help you when deciding on styles and designs. But the truth is, most brides have an image of what they want – however, when the shopping begins, it is not uncommon for the bride to choose a wedding dress that is completely different from what she thought she would purchase.

When choosing your wedding dress it is best to be open-minded to at least exploring all the styles available. Choose a style that shows off your best features. When selecting dresses and hairstyles choose to model your look after those of models that have similar body shapes, face shapes, and skin tones. After you decide on a wedding dress you should choose a wedding hairstyle that shows off your beauty while complementing your wedding dress. Your overall look will be gorgeous!

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Shabby Chic Wedding Crafts Ideas

Shabby Chic Wedding Crafts Ideas

These shabby chic wedding crafts ideas are sure to save you a lot of money – and they are great ways to add a personal touch, some creativity, and even some sparkle to your wedding day. Whether you’re interested in ways to create your own wedding veil, bouquets and floral arrangements, wedding favors, or even in making your own pew bows, this article will help.

Shabby Chic Wedding Crafts Ideas For Wedding Veils

Creating wedding veils is not that difficult. You will begin with a length of bridal illusion in the appropriate length. Other items needed include a comb to attach the veil to your hair and a headpiece to cover the comb. Use large running stitches, about an inch from the end of the illusion to gather it tightly. Then you sew the veil to the comb. Finish off by topping the veil with a headpeice that can be embellished with sequins, pearls or other decorative items such as flowers, ribbon, or lace.

Shabby Chic Wedding Crafts Ideas For Flowers

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets can be personally crafted without a lot of trouble. Try arrangements in large clear vases with an elegant ribbon tied around the vase. If your wedding will be outdoors, why not consider using wild flowers. They have a unique charm that will definitely add to the shabby chic appeal of your wedding.

Shabby Chic Wedding Crafts Ideas For Wedding Favors

Another typical shabby chic wedding craft is that of wedding favors. One idea is to create refrigerator magnets. There are lots of easy ways to create these. One way is with the use of craft foam in the wedding colors. Use the foam as a ‘picture frame’ for a photo of the bride and groom. the photo should be glued to a cardboard backing and self-adhesive magnet tape can be added to the back of the cardboard. You could also use hearts or other shapes that relate to the wedding theme, cut out of foil and adorned with the couple’s name and the date of the wedding.

Shabby Chic Wedding Craft Ideas For Pew Bows

Pew bows are not that difficult to create. You can use wide velvet ribbons for fall and winter weddings and satin for spring and summer. Loop in some beautiful lace and even some basic ribbons. In the center of the bow you can use a hot glue gun to attach silk flowers, pearls or other adornments.

Saving Money & Making Money With Shabby Chic Wedding Crafts Ideas

These shabby chic wedding crafts ideas are great ways to create the wedding of your dreams while saving money. That money saved can be used for your gorgeous wedding dress, a fantastic honeymoon, or even for a down payment on a house. One major tip though – begin planning early and practice the craft projects before you are rushed to do the ‘real thing’. As you practice you will find ways to improve your techniques and the outcome will be more beautiful results.

Practicing these shabby chic wedding crafts ideas will bring out your creative side. You will probably come up with even more projects and ways to save money – and in the process you may even find that you enjoy working on the projects so much that you have found a new hobby! The possibilities are endless – by selling the crafts you could even use the ideas as ways to make a little extra money or you could use the shabby chic wedding crafts ideas to help friends and relatives with their weddings. Click on the image below to learn more about ways to have a fabulous shabby chic wedding that saves you money!Shabby Chic Weddings

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Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Should You Include Your Dog In Your Wedding?

I know this may sound a little ‘off the wall’ to some, but to others, to those that are pet lovers, it makes perfect sense to include your dog in your wedding. So if that idea appeals to you, you’re not alone. In fact, more and more people are including their dogs on that special day. Of course, some dogs are better behaved than others, so consideration should be given to that.

Another thing to think about is how your guests will feel about your dog being present – some people are afraid of dogs and others have severe allergies. You certainly don’t want to put anyone at risk for an allergic reaction to your pet – that could ruin your wedding day and cause turmoil in your relationship with the person with allergies. Read the tips below about ways to include your dog in your wedding…

Include your dog in your wedding the up-close way:

If your dog is very small, why not carry him as you walk down the aisle? Think about it – you could have a small dog carrier that is covered in a fabric to match your dress. Your dog could be dressed for the occasion too. Talk about adorable wedding pictures!

You could also choose to walk your furry friend on a leash. Once again, your pet can wear a beautiful collar or other attire for the special day. If you have more than one dog you could dress them in party outfits and allow them to be in attendance of all the fun and celebration.

If your groom also has a dog you can include him or her too. Think about the fun you could have if he owns a male dog and you have a female pet. You could dress them as bride and groom too!

Another idea is to allow your dog to be the ring bearer. All you have to do is attach a pillow to the dog’s harness – of course, you will want to have a snap closure to hold the rings securely until they’re needed. Your dog could also be a part of the flower ‘girl’ – flower dog procession. Just attach flowers to your dog and let him or her come down the aisle with the flower girls.

When you include your dog in your wedding you can be assured of adorable photos and wonderful memories. You will feel great about the fact that your furry family member was a part of your special day. After all, this is ‘YOUR’ wedding day – and you should be able to have it your way!

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Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

In order to feel complete, every wedding has to have certain elements. This includes a great location for the ceremony, the right clothing – especially when it comes to what the bride is wearing, wonderful music, and beautiful wedding flowers. And when it comes to shabby chic weddings, brides are always on the lookout for ways to save money, while still having a gorgeous wedding.

When it comes to saving money on the wedding venue some brides opt to get married in their own home or in the home of a friend or relative. Others choose weddings that are held in parks or other ‘public’ locations that can create a lovely backdrop for photographs. This backdrop could include panoramic views of mountains, oceans, flower gardens or other outdoor scenery that is pleasing to the eyes. A lovely bride in a beautiful dress carrying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is always awe inspiring!

Wedding FlowersSaving money on wedding dresses can be achieved in a variety of ways – some brides borrow a dress from a friend or family member, others choose to buy their dress on sale and some may even wear a second-hand wedding dress or choose to purchase a white prom dress that looks appropriate for the occasion. Of course, some brides skip the formality of a true wedding dress and go with a more casual attire.

Music and flowers are always a part of the wedding ceremony. Music can be very cheap, depending on the bride and groom’s expectations. But when it comes to wedding flowers the costs can be surprisingly expensive. However, there are some ways to cut those costs. One way is choosing to go with very inexpensive flower choices, another is creating the wedding flowers yourself. To get a complete eBook on the topic of creating your wedding flowers Click Here!

When you’re trying to plan a gorgeous wedding on a budget you need help to provide tips and guidance. You can get a guide to such planning tips in this comprehensive eBook – Shabby Chic Weddings On A Budget. Not only will you learn countless ways to save money but you will also get a handy wedding checklist that will help you plan and track everything related to your wedding.

Wedding Cake Ornament

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