Guest Post: Medieval Wedding

Medieval Wedding: A modern update

By Amanda Kidd

When the word marriage is pronounced, it comes with sanctity. We think about the bonding of two mature people who are not only in love, but would like to spend the entire life with each other. Marriage is no doubt a solemn commitment, never to be taken lightly. It is often difficult for some to go through an arranged marriage. It would be like tying the knot with a stranger.

Many of the ceremonies that were practiced during the medieval times of a wedding have now become traditions, and are presently in vogue. During the marriage ceremony, the same vows are taken as used in the medieval times.

Even today the lady and her man, stand on the same side of the altar as was done in the middle ages. Today’s nuptial ceremony includes exchange of a ring, which is put on the fourth finger. The same ritual was followed during the middle ages. Nowadays a great feast and partying is one of the parts of the wedding ceremony which was prevailed then too. Thus modern wedding traditions and customs seem to have emerged during medieval times.

The middle age marriage brings an image of castles, chivalry, and exotic colors. But it cannot be denied that it was rather a time of progress for several social as well as marriage customs followed today. This era amid the decline of the famous Roman Empire and the Reformation was inimitable and through it all; this gave birth to political, intellectual and social developments.

Medieval marriages took place in the Church, and followed the Christian rules as nowadays. Nowadays one would often choose a Gothic theme – one which is stone laden, of tainted glass, or Tudor wooden accents. So, it may be said that the modern era has borrowed wedding ideas to an extent from the middle ages.

People have chosen to evoke the famous era when while solemnizing their own nuptials. This is due to the fact that the Renaissance weddings were some of the most rich and grand in European history. There are event management companies who help out and arrange for medieval type weddings. They choose places used to decorate medieval weddings, and even know the way to house such a demand. They even counsel on choices like decor, medieval music, food and advocate persons and people who are well informed about such themes.

As far as the modern wedding dress is concerned, it is quite obvious that the idea has been borrowed from the medieval period. The exquisite lacy dress and elegant hairdo of the Victorian era, the stylish suit of the groom or tights, tunics, breeches, laced vests, boots are the fashion of the day. Let’s remind ourselves about Gwyneth Paltrow in ‘Emma’.

Brides nowadays who really want a Renaissance-style wedding select such a dress both for themselves and for their bridesmaids. Their hair is worn quite long and flowing, sometimes with loose curls, roles or braids. In place of a veil, the brides often choose to wear a wreath of herbs, ivy or flowers or even tie colorful ribbons. The medieval period seems to have become more obvious in wedding fashions than in any other area. Men often love to dress like Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.

But it cannot be denied that in the Medieval Times, marriages were little different too. Women didn’t have a choice to say anything about the matter and the person they were going to marry was a stranger to them. In the Middle Ages too, arranged marriages were in vogue. But, men however chose their bride. There were many rules laid down for a marriage. At times rules were so strict that it became extremely difficult to solemnize a marriage and divorce was not heard of. Regardless of the differences, the marriage customs and ceremonies have stayed rather alike over these years. We carry on with many traditions of medieval times even today.

Last but not the least comes the invitation. There are countless elegant papers available at art supply stores. Many of them have a washed-out, antique look which can give your wedding that perfect wedding of the medieval times. Don’t forget the variety of colorful flowers available to make your wedding that perfect Renaissance one.

If you are romantic at heart and wish to be a princess, and have long been awestruck with stories of ladies in romance with medieval knights, or fantasize of sharing great adventures of timeless classics then you will probably enjoy a medieval wedding.


About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger whose favorite portal is that of wedding. She generally prefers to write articles on wedding themes, décor and wedding dresses. The newest idea she is working on at present is the bridesmaid responsibilities.

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